Clinical Nutrition

Answering the Demand for Highly Trained Nutritional Scientists

The impact of nutrition on health and disease has produced major clinical and public policy challenges that are shaping research and career opportunities for highly trained nutritional scientists in academia, industry and government. Disease prevention efforts, increased health consciousness and an aging population are further fueling the demand for nutritional scientists.

Nutritional Science Education

The interdisciplinary Nutritional Sciences program enables students in its Ph.D. and Master’s of Science programs to explore the interrelationship between environmental factors and nutrients and their effect on biochemistry, physiology and disease development. More than 60 faculty members provide teaching and individualized research guidance across 28 departments and divisions at the University’s Colleges of Medicine, Health Sciences, Pharmacy, Nursing and Agriculture, as well as the Colleges of Arts and Sciences and Education.

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Master of Science in Nutritional Sciences

Advance your career in clinical nutrition with our 100% online interdisciplinary Clinical Nutrition master's degree. In this program, you will receive advanced training in nutritional sciences and applied clinical nutrition skills to advance and grow your career in clinical dietetics. This program also prepares you for careers in health care, academia, education, wellness, and other nutrition-related fields.

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