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Peer Mentors


The PATHfinder Program consists of a compassionate community of mentors that are focused on fostering growth, inclusivity, and belongingness for first-year students in the College of Health Sciences. PATHfinders mentors provide a friendly face and an empathetic listening ear to help first-year students with academic and personal matters as they adjust to college by providing guidance, support, and resources.

 Pathfinders mentors are professional, trustworthy friends and positive role models focused on fostering independence for students throughout their first year and beyond. The connection between PATHfinders mentors and mentees may become a life-long mentoring relationship. Our mentors strive to provide well-rounded, individualized, and nonjudgmental support in every situation, extending beyond academics and the walls of Wethington.

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Peer Mentors:

  • Connect with entering students 
  • Support students in entry-level CHS courses (i.e., AT 120, CHS 101, CHS 150, CSD 120, HHS 101, MLS 120)
  • Assist with the following events: 
    • College Welcome Day
    • Summer Bridge Program
    • College Events 
    • Merit Weekends
    • Summer Advising and Orientation

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Peer Mentors

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Camille Vainrib PATHfinder Mentor
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Jessica Wicker PATHfinder Mentor
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Morgan Wilson PATHfinder Mentor