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Stroke Survivor and Area Stroke Support Group Receive Awards from American Stroke Association

The Hazard and Surrounding Area Stroke Survivor and Caregiver Support Group through the University of Kentucky Center of Excellence in Rural Health, along with one of the group’s founding members, Mark Kincaid, a stroke survivor from Letcher County, were honored this week with Stroke Hero Awards from the American Stroke Association, a division of the American Heart Association (AHA).

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CERH stroke support group wins Outstanding Support Group

University of Kentucky Center of Excellence in Rural Health stroke support group has won the Outstanding Support Group, through the Stroke Hero Awards with the American Stroke Association.

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Memeber of KARRN Stroke Support Group wins national award

Over a decade ago, Mark Kincaid experienced a catastrophic ischemic stroke at age 42 due to undiagnosed high blood pressure. Doctors predicted that Mark might not survive surgery to treat the stroke, and if he did, he would live the rest of his days in a vegetative state. 

But Mark defied the predictions as soon as he woke up from surgery. After weeks of intensive inpatient therapy, he began regaining some of his cognitive and physical abilities, and after three months in hospitals, he was finally able to go home.

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Safeguard Against Disability Discrimination During COVID-19

Including individuals with disabilities in the COVID-19 response to ensure equitable care


  • Inform key medical personnel immediately that individuals with disabilities have equal rights to COVID-19 testing and treatment.
  • Make equitable decisions to ensure that allocation of COVID-19 resources, supplies, and care are not based on inaccurate assumptions about life with a disability.
  • Provide accommodations to make sure all individuals can access COVID-19 testing and treatment.  This requirement includes accommodations for behavioral, intellectual, or physical disabilities that may impact someone’s ability to comply during... Read More

My New Kentucky Smart Home Project

What Is It?

The KATS Network has received a grant through the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation to establish a Smart Home Technology Lending Library. In an effort to assist individuals with paralyzing conditions identify Smart Home technology to help become more independent in their homes and improve their quality of life, the KATS Network will provide short term loans of Smart Home “starter kits.” During the loan period, the KATS Network will work with the individual to identify funding sources to purchase their own equipment. One of the first steps in establishing this program is to identify the equipment to include in the kits that will have the greatest impact.

How Can I Help?

The KATS Network will be conducting a Needs... Read More