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Jason tells his story about living with a high (C4) spinal cord injury


Ryan tells his story about his spinal cord injury


Terry Thorndale and her SCI story

Cane and Walker Use


Cane Use

Using a Straight Cane


Using a Quad Cane


Fitting a Cane


Standing and Walking with a Cane


Going Up and Down Stairs Using a Cane


Going Up and Down a Curb Using a Cane


Getting Into and Out of a Vehicle With a Cane


Walker Use

Using a Standard Walker


Using a Rolling Walker


Using a Rollator


Standing to Sitting With a Walker


Sitting to Standing With a Walker


Walking and Turning With a Walker


Going Up Stairs With a Walker


Going Down Stairs With a Walker


Going Up and Down Curbs With a Walker


Getting In and Out of Vehicles With a Walker


Fitting a Walker

Vehicle/Equipment Transfers


Vehicle Transfers

Wheelchair To and From Car Transfer Example


Wheelchair to Crew Cab Pickup Truck Transfer Example


Equipment Transfers

Wheelchair To and From Cart Transfer Example


Wheelchair To and From Lawnmower Transfer Example


Wheelchair To and From Skid Loader Transfer Example


Wheelchair To and From Tractor Transfer Example


Wheelchair to Boat Transfer Example


General Transfers


Independent Transfers

Wheelchair to Couch Unassisted Transfer Instructions

Minimum Assist Transfers

Donning a Gait Belt


Wheelchair to Bed Transfer


Bed to Wheelchair Transfer


Wheelchair to Toilet Transfer


Wheelchair to Shower Transfer


Shower to Wheelchair Transfer

Moderate Assist Transfers:

Sit to Stand Using Gait Belt


Wheelchair to Shower Transfer


Shower to Wheelchair Transfer


Sitting to Side-lying Transfer


Side-lying to Sitting Transfer


Dependent Transfers

Wheelchair to Even Surface Transfer Instructions

Stroke Video Library


Welcome to the KARRN Stroke Library
There are multiple aspects of daily life that are affected when you or a loved one has a stroke. Please click on the links below to learn more about areas of concern for you.

General problems after stroke
General after care
Moving in bed

Alter Ur Ego Video


Our KARRN member and fashion designer Heidi McKenzie was the opening speaker at the (dis)ABLED BEAUTY exhibit. Congrats, and great interview about your Alter Ur Ego company, Heidi! Click below to view!

Health Partners group in Boone County


The Health and Wellness Initiative team at UK’s Human Development Institute is excited to announce that we are now offering a FREE Health Partners group in Boone County in Northern Kentucky! Please disseminate this information and flyer (by email, Facebook, social media, newsletters, etc.) to any of your contacts in the area who might be interested in participating in this program or who may be able to disseminate this information to others. As a reminder, this is a free holistic health program for adults aged 16+ with a disability and a health partner of their choice such as a family member, caregiver, or other support person. For more information, watch this video

Location: Boone Co Cooperative Extension Office, 6028 Camp Ernst Rd. Burlington, KY 41005
Dates: August 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 and Sept 5 with 6 monthly follow-up meetings after initial programming
Time: 2:00-4:00pm OR 5:30-7:30pm (Choose which group works best)

Deadline to enroll is July 31. Please do not hesitate to contact HDI with questions or send participants their way. Thank you for your help in spreading the word!

The Cure Map Documentary Visits Lexington


KARRN members Sasha Rabchevsky (plus his students and post-docs in his lab) and Jason Jones (plus his family) recently participated in interviews for The Cure Map’s project. Lexington was its 18th stop. In the filmmakers’ own words, “Over the next year, two women, a dog named Milo, and a lineup of friends and collaborators will be traveling around the country. So here we are, beginning our efforts to make a difference. To educate the world about current Spinal Cord Injury research; why it always seems so close yet so far away, and to inspire faith in its future. To share the many stories of people affected by paralysis … we are wildly determined and maybe a little crazy. So if we can help find a cure for paralysis in any way by making this film, then we will have accomplished what we set out to do.”