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Timothy Uhl, PhD, ATC, PT, FNATA's picture
Timothy Uhl, PhD, ATC, PT, FNATA
Office Location: 

Room 210C Wethington Building

900 South Limestone Street

Lexington, Kentucky 40536-0200

Office Phone Number: 
(859) 218-0858
Fax Number: 
(859) 323-6003
Position Title: 
Director of Musculoskeletal Laboratory

Dr. Uhl has been practicing physical therapy and athletic training since 1985 in various sport medicine settings. Tim received his bachelors in health science from the University of Kentucky in physical therapy. After three years of clinical practice at the Lexington Sports Medicine Center he went on to receive his masters’ degree in kinesiology from the University of Michigan. At Michigan he worked with the athletic programs and at MedSport their sports medicine outpatient center. He served both on the staff and as the director of outpatient physical therapy at the Human Performance and Rehabilitation Centers in Columbus, GA. He completed his doctorate in sports medicine from the University of Virginia in 1998 where he studied shoulder proprioception and is presently a Professor in the Division of Athletic Training, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, at the University of Kentucky.

Scholarly Interest/Research

  • Effectiveness of clinical interventions in rehabilitation of upper extremity musculoskeletal injuries.
  • Assessment of readiness to return to sport or normal functional activity
  • Assessment of arm usage in overhead sports and daily activities
  • Biomechanical and Neuromuscular assessment of upper extremity demands in sport and daily activities

Educational Focus
Musculoskeletal Evaluation and intervention of the upper extremity and spine; Kinesiological Electromyographical Analysis and Applications; Teaching evidence based approach and critical appraisal of rehabilitation research.

Recent Publications

  • Myers NL, Sciascia AD, Kibler WB, Uhl TL. Volume-based Interval Training Program for Elite Tennis Players. Sports Health. 2016.
  • Wells SN, Schilz JR, Uhl TL, Burke Gurney A. A Literature Review of Studies Evaluating Rotator Cuff Activation during Early Rehabilitation Exercises for Post-Op Rotator Cuff Repair. Journal of Exercise Physiology Online. 2016;19(3):70-99.
  • Smith-Forbes EV, Howell DM, Willoughby J, Pitts DG, Uhl TL. Specificity of the minimal clinically important difference of the quick Disabilities of the Arm Shoulder and Hand (QDASH) for distal upper extremity conditions. J Hand Ther. 2016;29(1):81-88.
  • Smith-Forbes EV, Moore-Reed SD, Westgate PM, Kibler WB, Uhl TL. Descriptive Analysis of Common Functional Limitations Identified by Patients with Shoulder Pain. Journal of Sports Rehabiltiation  2015;24(2):179-188
  • Day JM, Bush H, Nitz AJ, Uhl TL. Scapular muscle performance in individuals with lateral epicondylalgia. J Orthop Sports Phys Ther. 2015;45(5):414-424.
  • Sciascia A, Myers N, Kibler WB, Uhl TL. Return to Preinjury Levels of Participation After Superior Labral Repair in Overhead Athletes: A Systematic Review. J Athl Train. 2015;50(7):767-777.
  • For more research by Dr. Tim L Uhl, you can find additional information at the below links:

Tim enjoys his spending his free time with his wife Christine. They enjoy playing golf and spending time with their friends and cats.