Officers and Committees

Descriptions of the Board committees are available in the University of Kentucky Governing Regulations.


Rachel Watts Webb, Secretary
Bill Thro, Assistant Secretary

Executive Committee

Todd Case, At-large
Elizabeth McCoy, At-large
Robert D. Vance, At-large
Rachel Watts Webb, Secretary (ex officio)

Nominating Committee

Academic and Student Affairs Committee

Audit and Compliance Committee

Finance Committee

Human Resources and University Relations Committee

Investment Committee

Investment - Community Advisory Members

University Athletics Committee

University Athletics - Ex Officio Member

Joe Fink, Faculty Representative

University Athletics - Community Advisory Members

University Health Care Committee

University Health Care - Ex Officio Members

Eli Capilouto, President
Robert S. DiPaola, MD, Co-Executive Vice President for Health Affairs
Eric N. Monday, Co-Executive Vice President for Health Affairs
Charles “Chipper” Griffith III, MD, Dean, College of Medicine
Colleen Swartz, DNP, Vice President for Hospital Operations
Eric D. Endean, MD, President of the Medical Staff

University Health Care - Community Advisory Members