Human Health Sciences

What is the Human Health Sciences Program?
Human Health Sciences (HHS) is a unique undergraduate health care degree program that offers students the opportunity to engage in interprofessional, hands-on learning experiences. HHS students will graduate with a comprehensive knowledge of health care practices and a solid foundation in the basic sciences – keys to a successful health care career.

What are the options for Human Health Sciences graduates?

  1. Pursue advanced degree programs, such as dentistry, medicine, pharmacy, physician assistant studies, athletic training, physical therapy, and more.
  2. Pursue health careers in medical or pharmaceutical sales, medical research, or health advocacy and navigation.
  3. Pursue graduate programs in public health, biological/biomedical sciences, nutrition, and more.

What does the Human Health Sciences Program offer?
The HHS Program prepares you for an engaging and dynamic career in health care. Students will receive an innovative, interdisciplinary education with broad exposure to health care practice, policy, and management with faculty who bring expertise from various health care colleges.

The HHS Program focuses on developing your knowledge and skills including:

  • Strong foundation in the basic sciences
  • Ethical behavior in delivery of all health care activities and services
  • Effective participation within interprofessional health care teams
  • Culturally-sensitive health care services
  • Effective oral and written communication and use of technology
  • Attention to patient safety and health care quality
  • Leadership and advocacy for improved health care

HHS Curriculum

Minor in Health Advocacy
With an increasingly complex and dynamic health care system in the U.S. and an aging population, the need is growing for informed health advocates to advise patients and their families. The minor in Health Advocacy lays the foundation for pursuing a career as a Health Advocate or Patient Navigator, or furthering graduate educational opportunities.