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Invited Students

Upon the completion of the HHS interview, program candidates will receive notification of their final admissions status via email. This email correspondence can take 1-2 weeks. Please note, for new and transfer students, the HHS admissions status is not necessarily the same as UK general admissions status – these students must be sure they abide by those respective requirements and deadlines as well.

The invitation email shall feature an electronic link that students are expected to complete indicating their commitment to the program or declination. Once a student completes this link an “acceptance packet” shall be sent with additional requirements that admitted students must complete. This package includes:

Seat Fee

Only when a student completes all of the requirements within the acceptance packet are they considered an official Human Health Sciences student. Failure to complete any of the above given appropriate deadlines may result in retraction of invitation. In addition to these items, every student within the College of Health Sciences is responsible to abide by the “Technical Standards.” 

Contact information moving forward:

Please review the following descriptions which may represent areas where you have questions or concerns and make contact with the appropriate individual:

  • HHS program admissions requirements, status updates, confirmation of receipt, any item within the acceptance packet
  • Information about courses and/or advising:
  • General UK admissions, scheduling a college visit, or upcoming see blue U Orientation (or Merit Weekend)