Complete Background Check and Drug Screening

The College of Health Sciences requires Complete Background Checks (CBCs) and Drug Screenings (DSs) for all students. This has become necessary due to the increasing numbers of our affiliates (e.g., hospitals, schools, units) that are requesting drug testing for employees and students who are trained by them. The college works with a company to establish an acceptable CBC/DS.  Students can expect to pay $88-100 directly to the CBC/DS company. Information regarding this process will be provided and will need to be completed prior to beginning your enrollment the program. The student and the college will receive results shortly after the process is completed. If necessary, the student will have the opportunity to discuss or explain any discrepancies.  Students failing to submit a CBC/DS will not be granted final acceptance into the program. 

Students must understand that this CBC/DS may not be the last or final request as additional checks may be required by particular clinical sites, the program, and/or college. A “positive” result during one’s student tenure may lead to dismissal from the program – students are encouraged to be proactive in conversations about potential background check issues and should contact for advisement with this matter. Costs associated with these tests will be the student’s responsibility.