Foreign Graduates

If you are a foreign graduate all of the following requirements must be met by the application deadline:

  1. Submit your foreign transcripts to an approved credentialing company
  2. Take the TOEFL test
  3. Submit your application to the University of Kentucky as soon as possible

Your first step is to submit all of your higher education transcripts to World Education Services (WES). The MLS Program will only accept transcript evaluations from WES in consideration of admittance into the Program. This is usually a lengthy process which is why you need to submit these as soon as possible. Once your transcripts have been evaluated, by WES, we can appropriately advise you for the Medical Laboratory Science Program and/or consider your application for admittance.

Your second step is to take the TOEFL test and submit scores to the MLS Program. In order to be eligible for admissions into the MLS Program, a minimum score of 26 in each category is required: Reading, Listening, Speaking, & Writing. Refer to the TOEFL website ( for more information regarding the test.

Your third step is to submit your University of Kentucky undergraduate application. As a foreign graduate, admission may be a lengthy process as foreign transcripts, WES evaluation, and TOEFL scores are individually reviewed. In addition, course syllabi may be required to ensure equivalency therefore we highly encourage submission of syllabi along with the above documents. This review is to ensure that you have met all general education core requirements and MLS prerequisite courses, and to ensure sufficient undergraduate credit hours. This review process (by the University of Kentucky undergraduate admissions office) needs to be completed for the MLS Program to adequately evaluate your MLS application. If this review process is in progress during the MLS application review period, it is possible for foreign graduates to be accepted on a conditional basis pending completion of missing courses/credit hours.