Prerequisite Courses

Students must satisfy the University of Kentucky general education core courses and the MLS program pre-requisite courses before beginning the MLT to MLS track. These core courses and program pre-requisite courses can be taken at a local higher educational institution and transferred into UK. MLT to MLS track students can transfer into UK a maximum of 80 credit hours. For advisement on what courses you need or what courses are acceptable, contact Chad Guilliams. The following courses are MLS program pre-requisite courses for the MLT to MLS track:

  • 1 semester of general biology with laboratory
  • 2 semesters of general chemistry with laboratory
  • 1 semester of statistical methods
  • 1 semester of human physiology (or combined course in physiology and anatomy)


The program has a full-time student curriculum (12 months) as laid out below, however, a part-time option (24 months) with set curriculum is available. Students with comprehensive work experience in hematology, chemistry, blood banking, or microbiology have the ability to test out of a clinical practicum course. MLT students must meet core technical proficiencies and pass a special examination in each area to be awarded two tuition-free credits for each associated practicum course for a maximum award of eight tuition-free credit hours.

Year 1 - Fall

Course Prefix and Number Course Name Credit Hours
MLS 410 Medical Laboratory Biochemistry 3
MLS 420 Immunology & Serology 3
MLS 460 Clinical Hematology 3
MLS 461 Clinical Microbiology 3
MLS 480  Clinical Hematology Practicum 2
MLS 481 Clinical Microbiology Practicum 2
  Total 16


Year 1 -Spring

Course Prefix and Number Course Number Credit Hours
MLS 430 Clinical Mycology, Parasitology  2
MLS 462 Clinical Chemistry 3
MLS 463 Immunohematology 3
MLS 464 Body Fluids & Hemostasis 2
MLS 482 Clinical Chemistry Practicum 2
MLS 483 Clinical Immunohematology Practicum 2
MLS 471 Professionalism in MLS 1
  Total 15


Year 1 –Summer I

Course Prefix and Number Course Name Credit Hours
MLS 440 Molecular Techniques 3
  Total 3


Year 1 –Summer II 

Course Prefix and Number Course Name Credit Hours
MLS 450 MLS Education & Management 3
MLS 470 Clinical Correlations 3
  Total 6

Course descriptions can be found in the UK Bulletin.