King’s Daughters Track in Cardiology

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Our commitment to community drives us to give back. Our team members, physicians and health professionals provide free screenings and education, and participate in health fairs and other special events designed to help people and the community be healthier.

This track in Cardiology is located at UK King’s Daughters Hospital in Ashland, Kentucky. This hospital is affiliated with the University of Kentucky and located at a critical access hospital in Eastern Kentucky. This Cardiology residency track is designed to provide essential experience in both inpatient and outpatient cardiology settings, and it includes rotations in electrophysiology, interventional cardiology, and vascular services. On-site faculty engage the resident through case-based learning at the bedside, lectures and conferences, and procedural training. By the end of the year, the resident will obtain a high level of knowledge and skill mastery in cardiology.

This residency track offers:

  • Access to learning and practicing among the largest cardiac care provider team in the region
  • Supportive learning environment with smaller group size of learners
  • Opportunities to engage with several subspecialty rotations, learn from several exceptional cardiologists, and gain mastery in cardiology procedures like echocardiogram performance and interpretation
  • Opportunities to practice rural medicine with full scope of practice
  • Living in Ashland, Kentucky, in beautiful Appalachia in the tri-state area of Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia

Rotation Template:

  • Inpatient cardiac care (Orientation to facilities, policies, EMR, workflows) (Emphasis EKG and cardiac rhythms, ACS)
  • Integrated inpatient / outpatient cardiac care (Emphasis Noninvasive cardiology)
  • Outpatient cardiac care (Emphasis CHF)
  • Inpatient cardiac care (Emphasis Interventional Cardiology)
  • Integrated inpatient / outpatient cardiac care (Emphasis Advanced Cardiac Imaging)
  • Integrated inpatient / outpatient cardiac care (Emphasis Electrophysiology)
  • Inpatient cardiac care (Emphasis CVICU / Critical Care / CT Surgery)
  • Integrated inpatient / outpatient cardiac care (Emphasis Structural Cardiology)
  • Integrated inpatient / outpatient cardiac care (Emphasis Vascular Disease)
  • Elective (may request from the Clinical Director, your choice)
  • Integrated inpatient / outpatient cardiac care

Site Faculty & Staff:

Dustin Adkins, MSPAS, PA-C's picture
Dustin Adkins, MSPAS, PA-C Assistant Clinical Director, Cardiology
Jerry White, DO's picture
Jerry White, DO Clinical Director, Cardiology