UK Healthcare Track in Acute Care & Trauma Surgery

The Acute Care and Trauma Surgery resident will learn and practice as a part of the outstanding Acute Care and Trauma Surgery service at UK Chandler Hospital. Services will include Trauma Critical Care, Trauma Acute Care, Emergency General Surgery, Acute Care Surgery, with potential electives in Emergency Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery, and Plastic Surgery(s). The resident will spend at least 20% time in the operating room (OR), with the remainder of the clinical time on trauma call, clinic, acute care, or in the ICU. The resident will attend noon conferences hosted by the Trauma service, as well as Journal Club, M&M and Grand Rounds Conferences. By the end of the year, the resident will be prepared to work in trauma, general surgery, and critical care.

This residency track offers:

  • Level 1 Trauma Center at Kentucky’s flagship institution, UK Chandler Medical Center
  • Opportunities to practice medicine and live in the heart of the Bluegrass
  • Extensive patient volume and variety of cases
  • Unique learning in the management of complex critically ill and multiply injured patients
  • Highly specialized resources and training opportunities within UK Healthcare
  • Living in Lexington, Kentucky, the horse capital of the world, home of several top bourbon distilleries, and a mix of modern big city urban downtown with small town vibe of historic houses and neighborhoods

Rotation Template:

  • EGS Floor
  • Trauma ICU
  • Trauma EGS/ICU
  • Elective


The PA Resident has added an exciting new educational dimension to our clinical program. As a PA, they are already uniquely trained and bring a unique perspective. Once they are trained, they are an emergency and surgical 'pluripotent stem cell'. They can do it all. And we love seeing them grow.
– Dr. Andrew Bernard, Clinical Director

Site Faculty & Staff:

Andrew Bernard, MD, FACS's picture
Andrew Bernard, MD, FACS Chief, Section of Trauma and Acute Surgery
Jessica K. Reynolds, MD, FACS's picture
Jessica K. Reynolds, MD, FACS Clinical Director