UK Healthcare Track in Neurology

This track in Neurology is located at the University of Kentucky, Kentucky Neuroscience Institute in Lexington, Kentucky. Led by experienced clinicians in Neurology, this residency track is designed to provide experience in general neurology as well as core sub-specialty areas, including dementia, headache, epilepsy, and stroke services. It will provide residents the opportunity to train in manage chronic and acute patients. On-site faculty engage the resident through case-based learning, procedural competencies, and weekly grand rounds. By the end of the year, the resident will be prepared to work as a neurologist PA at any hospital.

This residency track offers:

  • Access to learning and practicing in UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital, a leading regional healthcare system, ranked as No. 1 hospital in Kentucky and Bluegrass Region by U.S. News & World Report
  • Supportive learning environment with dedicated mentorship, team conferences, and grand rounds
  • Opportunities to engage with leading medical educators in various different neurology subspecialty rotations and gain mastery in neurology-specific procedures like electromyography and electroencephalography
  • Living in Lexington, Kentucky, the horse capital of the world, home of several top bourbon distilleries, and a mix of modern big city urban downtown with small town vibe of historic houses and neighborhoods

Rotation Template (12 months):

  • Orientation & introduction to Neurology Medicine – Day service (Core didactic – Review of ACLS, Pre, and Post op care, management of codes, basic neurology conditions)
  • Headaches service – Day service (Core didactic – General Neurology)     
  • Epilepsy service –Day service (Core didactic -Epilepsy)
  • Memory disorders/behavioral neurology – Day Service (Core didactic – Dementia)
  • Neuromuscular disorders service – Day service (Core didactic – Seizures)
  • Stroke & Vascular Neurology
  • Neuro-ophthalmology & Neuro-oncology services – Day service (Core didactic –ophthalmology & Neuro-oncology)
  • General neurology service – Day service - (Core didactic – General neurology)
  • General neurology consults – Day service (consulting)
  • Stroke & Vascular service – Day service (In patient)
  • General neurology consults – Night service (In patient)
  • General neurology consults – Day & evening/nights service (In patient)


I think you should go into Neurology, it’s a very underserved field. I personally have a very curious mind, so this is right up my alley. But also, I love the fact that being a specialist gives us the time that we need to sit there with the patient and actually figure this out, and what’s going on with them. If you’ve got a curious mind and are looking for something to stretch your mind, I really recommend you come join us.

– Kelly McCormick, Neurology UKHC, 2022-2023

In PA school we got the minimum of what we needed to pass the neurology section. In residency we expand on that, we have a year of expanding on that knowledge. I like the way the residency is set up because just graduating from PA school - I could have went out and had a job right away if I wanted to, but I like how I have this year to adapt at having a job and getting that extra learning to where I have the confidence that I need to be an established PA.

- Jana Chadwell, Neurology UKHC, 2022-2023

Site Faculty & Staff:

Julie Gurwell, PhD, PA-C's picture
Julie Gurwell, PhD, PA-C Clinical Site Coordinator, Neurology