AT Alumna Talks to WKYT About use of AEDs Heading into Football Season

Outreach Athletic Trainer (and CHS alumna) Allie Schanck knows the importance of AEDs, also known as automated external defibrillators. She carries one with her at every game and every practice.

When it comes to a medical emergency, especially any cardiac-related incident, it’s seconds that matter. Not minutes, she told WKYT.

Last week, 18-year-old Bronny James went into cardiac arrest during a basketball practice, and earlier this year, Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field during a Bills game. It was the athletic trainers who got to these players first.

“When there’s a delay or not an athletic trainer there, that’s when we see these more tragic outcomes,” Schanck said. “So parents — ask if your school has an athletic trainer, see if they have emergency action plans that are specific for each venue.”

Schanck, who graduated from UK in 2021, is an Outreach Athletic Trainer working in Garrard County Schools. Schanck has a portable AED with her at every game and every practice. They’ve ensured an AED is always within a minute’s distance at the most.

We actually talked to Schanck back in 2022. As we push for applications for our AT program, let's revisit that conversation, where we asked about her life and her career:


What's your position with UK HealthCare and what drew you to your career?

Outreach Athletic Trainer – Garrard County Schools. For as long as I can remember I have always loved science, sports and helping people and athletic training is really the best combination of all of that. I was drawn in after a mentor of mine from my church showed me around the athletic training facility at my undergrad.

I was captivated by how versatile athletic trainers are and how they never really have the same workday twice. I loved the thrill of game days and the challenge of having such a diverse and developed knowledge of the human body and how best to treat it in athletic populations.


What keeps you motivated in your career?

My athletes. Everything I do is to be better for them and to provide them with the best possible sports medicine care. That’s what drives me to constantly continue to better myself as a clinician.


Do you have a favorite memory from your time in Athletic Training?

My favorite memories are seeing the moment my athletes believe in themselves and later return to sport after injury.


What's your favorite activity outside of work?

I love to do stuff outdoors with my dog Kaia. Also love to paint and enjoy time with friends and family.

My family remains in the Midwest and has been my greatest support system. My vacation time is either spent visiting them or showing them around my new home state of Kentucky!