Hall of Fame Inductees

The UK College of Health Sciences proudly recognizes its alumni whose distinguished careers have contributed to, or brought merit to, our various academic programs. Induction into the Hall of Fame is an honor bestowed upon graduates whose professional contributions and dedicated service elevate their work in allied health on a local, state, regional, or national level. The first Hall of Fame honorees were inducted in 2002. Since that time, 40 alumni have been inducted into the CHS Hall of Fame spanning each program housed within the college.

Michael Muscarella Physical Therapy, 2009
Renee Kinder Communication Sciences and Disorders, 2005
Iza Correll Physician Assistant Studies, 2017
Paula Holbrook Health Care Administration, 1990
Billie J. Randolph Physical Therapy, 1978
Jacqueline Resinger Medical Technology, 1962
Bill Grimes Physician Assistant Studies, 1982, 1986
Glenda Mack Physical Therapy, 1997
Russell Miller Health Sciences, 1980
Lori Gonzalez Communication Disorders, 1979
Josef Moore Physical Therapy, 1984
Helen Johnnita Miller Medical Technology, 1961
Mark Hunt Health Administration, 1985
Chris Howell Communication Disorders, 1971, 1975
Catherine Chamberlain Communication Disorders, 1971, 1975
Gerald White Radiological Health Science, 1978
Steve Gaskins Clinical Associate, 1987
Donna Horn Communication Disorders, 1976, 1977
Patricia Motley Waggener Medical Technology, 1961
Barbara Sanders Physical Therapy, 1972
Carolyn Wadsworth Physical Therapy, 1970
Harriet Smith Medical Technology, 1940
Charlann Simon Communication Disorders, 1969
Charles Coffey Radiation Dosimetry, 1972
Mary Frances Harbour Medical Technology, 1976
Brian Wise Kinesiology and Health Promotion, 2001
Sandra Tattershall Elementary Education, 1962
Connie Davis Hauser Physical Therapy, 1974
James Gould Physical Therapy, 1971
Lisa Rai Mabry-Price Communication Sciences and Disorders, 1985, 1987
David Greathouse Physical Therapy, 1976
Theresa Kremer Clinical Nutrition, 1982
Jeff Lytle Medical Technology, 1986
Kathy Panther Communication Disorders, 1976
Thomas Kmetz Health Services Management, 1985
Janice Blythe Clinical Nutrition, 1974
Christina Thompson Clinical Nutrition, 1986
Holly Johnson Physical Therapy, 1986
Charles Healey Communication Disorders, 1971, 1973
Ann Smith Medical Technology, 1977
Scott Shaffer Rehabilitation Sciences PhD Program, 2008
Patrick Cafferty Physician Assistant Studies, 1984
Karen Clancy Health Administration, 1999
Robin Downing Communication Disorders, 1973