FROM THE ARCHIVE: Immersion Experiences Provide True Example of Athletic Trainer's World

This story originally ran on Sept. 11, 2023. While we're celebrating Athletic Training month, we'll be dipping into our archive to highlight some of our most exciting AT tales. 

Athletic Training immersion experiences are designed to provide students with practice-intensive experiences that show the day-to-day and week-to-week role of an athletic trainer, says Carrie Baker, PhD, ATC, a clinical education coordinator and assistant professor in Athletic Training & Clinical Nutrition.

“The two immersion experiences that are required in UK’s Professional AT program help the learners develop their foundational knowledge and skills into proficient athletic training students in the way that they think, recognizing patterns, and problem solving in areas of the students’ interests,” she said.  

The immersions also offer a great opportunity for students to explore different institutions and practice settings, whether that is collegiate, performing arts, military, or professional sports. The immersions allow for students to meet other great athletic trainers, which broadens their professional socialization, and opportunity for mentorship, she said.

Here are a few examples of students and their recent immersion trips: