CHS Celebrates Graduation 2023

On Saturday, May 6, College of Health Sciences students participated in graduation ceremonies at Rupp Arena. 

We were there to chronicle all the fun. 

From starting off the day with coffees, to lining up and walking out to the arena, we followed our grads on their special day. 

We also asked what they would miss the most now that they're leaving us. All in all, it was emotional, but amazing. 

See our Photo Gallery here. 


What will you miss most about your time here in CHS?

"I am excited to see what experiences will unfold in the future as I hope to continue my education at the College of Health Sciences in PA school!

But for now, I will miss seeing all of the familiar faces in the classroom and my walks to class through campus."

— Shealyn Luksik

"It's hard to say what I will miss the most about my time spent in CHS, but I would have to say either studying with all my besties in the student lounge in-between classes or the overwhelming support form all faculty, which has still continued as I am almost out of the doors."

— Kinsey Giilbert

"I will miss the people and the community I have created in CHS. Through my classes and being a part of the peer mentor program, I have met some of the most amazing people who have positively shaped my experience at UK." 

— Samantha Lenox

"I’d say I’m going to miss my professors and the closeness of the college both in classes and around campus."

— Sara Pisoni

"I will miss the community aspect the most! I am so lucky I found such an amazing academic program to be a part of full of incredible professors, staff, and peers. Getting close with this group of people who all share similar goals and drive has made my college experience something so special!"

— Katrina Norris