CHS Faculty/Staff Awards 2022

By Ryan Clark
CHS Communications Director

Dean Scott Lephart says that other than Commencement, the Faculty and Staff Awards are his favorite day of the year. 

And — for the first time in three years — the College of Health Sciences was able to celebrate this day in person. It made everything even more special. 

"And this is a special place because of you," Lephart said. 

He went on to describe why he thinks the College is the best place to work on campus — and ultimately, he says, it always comes down to the people. 

"I want to acknowledge our wonderful faculty and staff, and say thank you for everything you have done. This event is for all of you," he said. "Thank you for joining us today to celebrate you and your colleagues."



Excellence in Research Junior Investigator Award - Jean Fry

Excellence in Research Senior Investigator Award - Judy Page

Richard D Kingston Award for Excellence in Teaching - Ramona Carper

Staff Excellence Award, Non Exempt - Mikailyn Huffman
Honorable Mention - Isaac Joyner

Staff Excellence Award, Exempt - Amy Karr
Honorable Mention - Becky Unites

Student Impact Award - Aimee Sayre
Honorable Mention - Amy Karr



5 Years of Service

Jacqueline Carroll
Hali Davis
Sefani Doyle
Tammy Jo Edge
Angela Folczyk
Tracey Gdovka
Will Hieronymus
Nicole Hoskins
Gail Kelleher
Nancy Marr
Barret May
Hannah Morgan
Kelsey Oyler
Jessica Raspen
Whitney Sanchez
Aimee Sayre
Rebecca Serrano
Tara Spach
Becky Unites

10 years of service

Julia Berry
Will Bickers
Brendan O’Farrell
Casey Shadix

15 years of service

Erin Jensen
Donna Jones
Katie Lopez
Marie Poole
Randa Remer

20 years of service

Loralyn Cecil
Amy Confides
Julie Poole

Look here for our Photo Gallery from the event!