CLM graduate bringing pride to Friday Commencement ceremony

By Ryan Clark
CHS Communications Director

Shanna Oram could list the obstacles she’s faced along the way. A non-traditional student. A family. COVID. But Oram, a 40-year-old Practice Manager here at UK, chooses to focus on the end goal.

Utilizing UK’s Employee Education Program, the Nicholasville resident worked to earn a degree in Clinical Leadership and Management.

On Friday, she will graduate — and the pride comes through when she talks about what it will mean to her.

“My kids will be able to see that I stuck with it and succeeded despite many obstacles,” she said.

In celebration of that commencement ceremony, here’s five questions with Shanna Oram …

Why did you choose CLM? 

I am currently a Practice Manager here at UK and felt that furthering my leadership skills was vital in my role. 

What will this ceremony mean to you?  

It will be important to me since I am a non-traditional student who came back to school later in life. This last year has not been easy managing a practice with all the COVID changes day to day and raising a family.

Were there any people or classes that stood out to you? 

I really enjoyed Dr. Karen Clancy, PhD, MBA, BHS, MT.

What will you be doing in the future? 

I will remain in my current role for now. 

What would you say to someone who is thinking of doing something similar here at UK? What’s your pitch? 

This is an excellent program that covers pretty much all you need to know, even for someone who comes into it with little to no healthcare experience. It also touches on a broad range of topics, including Health Policy to Health Law, etc. So it gives you a good idea of many areas you could go into if Management or Leadership are not for you.