COOL FOR THE SUMMER: CHS Students Gain Valuable Experience as Interns

By Ryan Clark
CHS Communications Director

This week: Caroline Prewitt

Caroline Prewitt was very successful at Speed Dating this year.

That is, the Lexington senior was successful when she participated in the Clinical Leadership and Management Speed Dating Internship Fair — she interviewed, and was able to land a gig at University of Kentucky HealthCare.

“This internship is a professional immersion experience under Mark Birdwhistell, who is Vice President for Health System Administration and Chief of Staff, Jill Hunter — who is Director of Payer Administration Policy and Project Collaborations — and Michael Hatfield, who is the External Affairs Coordinator,” Prewitt said.  

“I first discovered this internship through the CLM ‘Speed Dating’ Internship Fair,” she explained. “I was afforded this internship opportunity after interviewing with Mr. Birdwhistell, Jill Hunter, and Michael Hatfield. The interview process was constructed in a way that resembled an actual professional onboarding experience.”

Prewitt said she has been able to shadow a member of the executive leadership team — and it has provided countless learning opportunities.   

“The immersion experience has been vital in developing my understanding for a daily professional atmosphere,” she said. “Shadowing a member of executive leadership and their team has been invaluable to see professionalism at the highest level. Observing this level has helped foster a sense of understanding how a large organization manages their current state, as well as plan for future strategies.”

And she knows it’s something not every student gets to do.

“I have loved every second of this internship so far,” she said. “Mr. Birdwhistell has been nothing but the best mentor. He has taught me many valuable lessons of communication, adaptability, and professionalism. Jill has taught me about Medicaid Policy and rules and regulations of Medicaid as a payer. Michael has taught me all the ins and outs of Medicaid Directed Payments. I know these lessons will stick with me throughout my professional career.”

Interning in CLM is just another way that getting your degree in the College of Health Sciences sets you apart.

“Having the opportunity to gain a firsthand experience in a potential future work environment has been tremendously valuable as an aspiring young professional,” Prewitt said. “Through this internship I have learned to engage with professionals and make connections for my future career.”

Each week we'll feature another student who is participating in a summer internship.