COOL FOR THE SUMMER: Interns able to strengthen skills, confidence while helping others

By Ryan Clark
CHS Communications Director

This week: Maggie Murray

Sometimes an internship can do more than teach you about a job, or help you learn how to network. Sometimes an internship can show you how others help those in need.

Maggie Murray learned exactly this when she interned this summer in Healthcare Operations at Versiti Blood Center of Ohio.

Maggie, a 21-year-old Clinical Leadership and Management major from Columbus, Ohio, found this internship by looking on LinkedIn, she said.  

“Yes, I got to interact with the people who come in and donated their time and blood,” she said. “These blood donations can help a variety of people including premature babies, trauma, cancer, and surgical patients. The selfless act of donating blood can save someone’s life. I loved my internship because it was rewarding to learn how others help those in need.”

But what did she get to do?

“For my internship I saw the ‘Path of the Blood,’” she said, before listing she had exposure to:

  • Donor Recruitment
  • Operation of Mobile Blood Drives
  • Marketing
  • Hospital Services
  • Lab Services

“I also had the opportunity to work with eight other interns on a challenge project,” she said. “We helped improve the digital/hybrid workplace road map to enhance employee and partner collaboration, and increase employee value proposition.”

She and the others were then able to present their findings to the Executive Leadership Committee at the Versiti Technology Summit.

But that wasn’t her favorite memory.

“My favorite memory from this semester was working the Lifeline of Ohio ‘Dash for Donation’, honoring organ transplant recipients and donors,” she said. “We informed people how important blood and platelet donation is, even in the transplant process.”

In the CLM department, Maggie says there is a strong emphasis placed on interning — and that, paired together with classroom experience, can give students a full picture of what the professions are like. But for her, the idea of helping people made the internship even better.

“It’s good to intern because it gives you valuable work experience,” she said. “Interning is also a great way to explore your career path and strengthen your skills and confidence — as well as open doors to opportunities after college.”

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