COOL FOR THE SUMMER: Interns Prepare Themselves for Future

By Ryan Clark
CHS Communications Director

Sometimes, even social media can help get you an internship.

Well, it helps when that social media channel is LinkedIn, which is known for connecting employers, employees and peers.

And it also helps when you’re as determined as Kathryn Theodore, a 21-year-old Clinical Leadership and Management major from Boulder, Colo., who used LinkedIn to land a summer internship with UnitedHealthcare.

“I found it on LinkedIn and went through an interview process,” she said. “I love it! I have met really great people through this internship and learned so much.”

As a Direct to Consumer Sales intern, she said she’s attended a lot of corporate meetings relating to the company’s summer theme, which is mental health.

“I trained for five weeks on how to handle calls with consumers looking to enroll in Medicare advantage plans or prescription drug plans,” she said. “I also spent time learning how to use many systems in order to determine the best plan for each unique consumer.”

Other opportunities included:

  • Working on team projects and coming up with innovative solutions to address issues related to social determinants of health.
  • Attending the Minnesota Headquarters experience in Minneapolis to network with more than 900 interns from all over the country, as well as participate in philanthropic work by building bikes for the UnitedHealth children’s foundation.  (“We also heard from top executives and the journeys they took to get there,” she said.)
  • Building skills in a variety of Microsoft suites such as excel, teams, and word.
  • Working on tasks including a shark tank project, newsletter and capstone.
  • Learning more about their personal strengths and how to leverage them.

“This was my first role in a sales position, and I have gained knowledge on how to build relationships with consumers and help them find the best insurance plan for their needs,” Kathryn said. “I like that I got a taste of what is coming after college so I can better prepare myself for the future.”

Students say interning in CLM is just another way that getting your degree in the College of Health Sciences sets you apart. And it gives further proof why those who intern go on to have further success in the future.

“I think if you have the opportunity to do an internship, I would definitely recommend it,” she said. “It prepares you for real-world work experience while being in a learning environment that will help you develop your personal and business skills. It also allows you to connect with people who have the same professional interests as you, which can open the door for opportunities in the future.”

Each week we'll feature another student who is participating in a summer internship.