DPT Students Show Appreciation for Hazard Staff

This week, the UKDPT students on the Hazard campus showed their appreciation to the UK Center of Excellence in Rural Health custodial, transportation and maintenance staff by providing snacks and gifts to each member. 

They also sent them a message:

"On behalf of the Class of 2023 and Class of 2024 UK DPT students, we would like to tell each staff member that we appreciate all of the hard work that you each contribute to the CERH building we learn in," it read. "It is not uncommon to hear individuals bring up how well put together the CERH building is, and we certainly could not agree more. Additionally, we are grateful for those who spend their time transporting us to and from the building, especially when seasonal challenges arise. We hope you enjoy some snacks and a token of our appreciation to each of you."

The University of Kentucky Center of Excellence in Rural Health was established by state legislation in 1990 to address health disparities in rural Kentucky and the unique challenges faced by our communities. The mission was and still is today to improve the health and wellbeing of rural Kentuckians. For more than three decades, the Center has partnered with communities, providers, students and individuals to provide health professions education, health policy research, health care service and community engagement toward reaching this mission.