HHS Major to Take Over CHS Instagram

By Ryan Clark
CHS Communications Director

Have you ever wondered what the average day is like for a Human Health Sciences major?

Get ready for another College of Health Sciences’ Instagram takeover — this time by Tadashi Dennis, a junior HHS major on the pre-dental track from San Antonio, Texas.

He says enjoys his studies, yes, but he also loves to have fun.

“I usually play basketball or video games with friends,” he said. “And what I enjoy most about school is just all the different opportunities you have if you actually get outside and explore all that the school has to offer.”

His favorite classes are definitely in CHS.  

“I enjoy interactions and actually being given opportunities to speak with people who do the things I work towards doing,” he said.

Follow Tadashi as he takes his through his day, in our latest Instagram takeover.

Look Thursday, Nov. 30, for Tadashi’s takeover of the CHS Instagram page: @ukhealthsciences