Oh, the Places She’ll Go!

Ashyah Mormon receives the Deborah O’Bryan Crowe Clinical Health Sciences Scholarship

By Loralyn Cecil
CHS Director of Philanthropy

Ashyah Morman is an adventurer at heart and a scientist in mind. Her first step toward both was coming to the UK College of Health Sciences.  

She was in her senior year in high school in Gaffney, South Carolina, when she decided to come to UK.

“I just really wanted to venture out,” she said. She liked the idea of a large university with so many majors to choose from. She liked the diversity that she saw on campus. “I love different people. I love meeting new people.”

She also liked the idea of being at a university that is part of a community where she could see new things and try new foods. 

Her success in high school science classes brought her to the College of Health Sciences. Her academic advisor in the UK College of Health Sciences, Heather Hardesty, suggested she look at the Medical Laboratory Sciences program.  

“I suggested the MLS program to Ashyah because she has a lot of drive and motivation,” Hardesty said. “The program is rigorous but she doesn’t let obstacles get in her way.” 

“Ashyah is also practical,” she continued. “The MLS degree is a great pathway to an immediate job. You get a return on your investment in your education as soon as you graduate. Later, the degree can serve as a great foundation for future goals and plans.” 

Hardesty described the MLS program as having a great support system that Ashyah could thrive in. “The cohorts are small, creating close-knit classes,” she said. “And the faculty are very supportive. Ashyah is very personable and so easy to like. I knew she would do well.” 
Heather was right. Ashyah has thrived.

“My teachers and parents prepared me for this,” Ashyah said. “They taught me to focus. And they taught me that if you focus your will and strength, you will be able to succeed.”  

This year, Ashyah received the Deborah O’Bryan Crowe Clinical Health Sciences Scholarship. When she learned she received the scholarship, she told her parents right away. “They know scholarships are competitive,” she said. And she knows her successes make them proud.  

Ashyah is grateful for the generosity of the Crowe family. “Giving is based in your heart,” she said. “Words cannot express how thankful I am to have received the Crowe Scholarship. I will forever be grateful because their generosity just helped me pay for the classes needed to get my bachelor’s degree in Medical Laboratory Science.” 

The next steps in her life adventure are to work as a certified medical technician in a hospital laboratory after she graduates. She’s already planning what comes after that.

“In five years, I might go back to school to become a physician assistant, or possibly go to medical or nursing school,” she said.

We won’t bet against her.

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