PHOTO GALLERY: CHS Celebrates Past Year Successes

On Thursday, May 18, the College of Health Sciences came out for an end of the year celebration at the Longship Club at Kroger Field.

In an address to the crowd, Scott Lephart, PhD and Dean of the College, noted that applications, retention and graduation rates have never been higher, while demand for the occupations trained here have never been in higher demand. And, in correlation, the College will soon more than double its total on-campus square footage to service that need.

"This has been an extraordinarily successful and productive year," the Dean said. "I'm in meetings and people ask me, 'What's the secret sauce?' Well, bring in good faculty and staff. Do good work. Support our students like heck .... You (faculty and staff) are what makes this place tick."

After talking about some future projects, as well as departmental and program achievements, he ended by saying thank you.

"It's a pleasure to serve you and to serve this College," he said.