PHOTO GALLERY: CHS Celebrates Year's Successes


On Thursday, May 16, the College of Health Sciences came out for an end of the year celebration at the Longship Club at Kroger Field.

In an address to the crowd, Scott Lephart, PhD and Dean of the College, noted that applications, retention and graduation rates have never been higher, while demand for the occupations trained here have never been in higher demand. And, in correlation, the College will keep growing to service that need.

"This is a celebration of the College," the Dean said. "There's nobody who thinks more highly of their faculty and staff than I do."

He noted that the College has done a particularly good job graduating students. 

"(The students) stay. They matriculate. They finish — and they get ready for their next challenge," Lephart said. 

A few bits of news came out of the presentation, including:

  • Dr. Leslie Woltenberg has been named the new Director of Scholarship, effective July 2024.
  • Medical Laboratory Science and Quest Diagnostics will partner to offer a new MLS Certificate Program.

After talking about some future projects, as well as departmental and program achievements, Dean Lephart ended by saying thank you.

"It's you that are allowing these programs to be more successful," he said. "I couldn't be more proud about what you all have done ... and couldn't be more excited about where we're going."

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