PT grad brings adapted tricycles to her community for patients with disabilities

Erin Sieberkrob, a 2015 graduate of the UK College of Health Sciences physical therapy (PT) program, knew she wanted to help children as a health care provider. Now, she serves her community as a PT and has worked to bring adapted tricycles to her patients with disabilities. 

Sieberkrob practices at Wendell Foster in Owensboro and specializes in providing therapy to adults and children with developmental disabilities. This year, she partnered with Amtryke – a company that develops custom tricycles for people who are unable to ride normal bicycles.

“These tricycles give our patients a chance to participate in activities and build relationships with others,” Sieberkrob said. “There is currently a national wish list and my job is to assess patients who would like a tricycle and submit their paperwork. This type of specialized equipment can cost up to $1000  and is not covered by insurance, so most patients rely on donations to receive a bike.”

Sieberkrob has currently assisted 12 individuals from Wendell Foster on the national wish list and inspired her Owensboro community to action for the cause.  Thanks to an anonymous donor,  all 12 bikes were purchased for children in need.

Sieberkrob has seen firsthand the joy, confidence, and hope an adapted bike makes in a child’s life.

“These bikes help patients build endurance and encourages them to get outside and exercise,” she said. This is their way of spending time together and socializing. The kids are always so excited to use the bike and each donation makes a positive difference.”

If you would like to search for people in your area who are on the Amtryke wish list, click here. If you would like to make a donation, click here.