Students Recognized at CHS Scholarship Celebration Day

By Ryan Clark
CHS Communications Director

There's a saying in life that you always want to leave your audience wanting more.

It was certainly true Friday in the College of Health Sciences. But in this case, the CHS Office of Student Affairs left them wanting S'mores.

That's right — students got to make their own indoor S'mores (using either Hershey bars, or the more extravagant Reese's cups). There was even a (simulated) roaring fire. 

It was all held in CTW 127 Friday afternoon, part of CHS Scholarship Celebration Day, which recognized those outstanding CHS students who were awarded scholarships for the 2022-2023 academic year. 

"I wanted to do it because it's always nice at this time of year to acknowledge that performance matters and that success matters," said Casey Shadix, PhD and director of the Office of Student Affairs. "Hopefully, it's a little treat and a little motivation in a difficult part of the semester, I think."

Those who attended were able to take their own marshmallows, brown them over a flameless heater, then combine them with Graham crackers and a choice of candy bar for a gooey treasure. 

"It's good — never had a Reese's on one before, but it's good," said Ryan Goodson, who was honored with a Medical Center Enhancement Scholarship.

Shadix made sure to note that for students interested in applying for scholarships next year, the process will begin Feb. 1.


Academic Excellence Scholarship

Hannah Brown

Kaden Fox

Eric Gilland

Joseph Hagan

Tommy Hutchins

Grace Kearney

Emily Nole

Emily Zukauskas

Amy Waugh Pre-Athletic Training Scholarship

Anna Holt

Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital Fellowship

Megan Claypoole

Cameron Elder

Clinical Leadership & Management Fund

Cristian Guerrero

Tommy Hutchins

Kaylee Lane

Malaya Rivers

Marc Spence

Claire Glenn

Caroline Prewitt

CSD Doctoral Diversity Scholarship

Kinya Embry

Daus Family Scholarship in Physician Assistant Studies

Christopher Colman

Dwain Robert Rice Memorial Scholarship

Noe Ayala

Floyd Wright Trust Scholarship

Cameron Elder

Lindsey Jubina

Kendall Rollman

McDougall Student Endowed Scholarship Fund

Meagan Wilson

Medical Center Enhancement Scholarship

Brian Agtuca

Tiffany Arms

Clara Bond

Maggie Casteel

Krupali Champaneria

Raven Cox

Marianna Cruz

Tabethia Dabbelt

Chloe Drake

William Ewers

Courtney Faulkner

Kalie Felker

Ryan Goodson

Rileigh Greenwell

Iverson Griffin III

Crisitan Guerrero

Thanya Gutierrez Chavez

Samuel Herringshaw

Cody Hisle

Kayla Horne

Kaylee Lane

Abby Mason

Emily Mattingly

Katelyn Miller

Allison Miller

Malaya Rivers

Alexander Sklivas

Hallie Smith

Marc Spence

Carmen Tallent

Kateri Turner

Benjamin Vickery

Felicia Villareal

Jordan Wheatley

Nicholas Wheeler

Emma White

Brooke Woosley

Michael Nodler Scholarship

Eric Gilland

PT Pros Scholarship

Jack Graham

Rockcastle Hospital and Respiratory Care Center Fellowship

Samuel Kirtley

Samantha Stapleton

Thomas C. Robinson Graduate Fellowship Endowment

Callie Pearl

Samuel TeBos

Deborah O'Bryan Crowe Clinical Health Scholarship

Tabethia Dabbelt

Harriet Hendershot Smith Scholarship

Karcee Webb

Jacqueline K. Resinger Fellowship in MLS

Brian Agtuca

Allison Miller

Kateri Turner

Linda Gorman Scholarship

Kateri Turner

M.S. Rawlins Family Trust

Tabethia Dabbelt

Rileigh Greenwell

Christina Taraba

Brittany Vires

Karcee Webb

Mary Francis James Scholarship Fund

Nicholas Wheeler

Pat Waggener Scholarship

Kateri Turner