Study Featured in New York Times - How ‘Muscle Memory’ May Help Us Get in Shape

A paper recently published in the journal Function reporting novel findings of experiments performed by post-docs in the College of Health Sciences, Center for Muscle Biology, entitled “Nucleus Type-Specific DNA Methylomics Reveals Epigenetic Memory of Prior Adaptation in Skeletal Muscle” was featured in The New York Times

Drs. Yuan Wen and Kevin Murach oversaw the study, which used cutting-edge technology to show molecular features in muscle that respond to exercise training that persist long after training has stopped, and subsequently facilitate response when training is resumed. The importance of the results were recognized and highlighted in the recent New York Times article.

Two of the post-docs involved, Yuan Wen and Cory Dungan are still in the Center for Muscle Biology. Murach recently accepted an Assistant Professor position at University of Arkansas and Brooks Mobley is now an Assistant Professor at Auburn University.

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