UK CSD Alum Opens Private Practice for Children with Developmental Challenges

In 2012, after adamantly searching for an occupational therapy clinic for one of her three sons to receive services, UK Communication Sciences and Disorders alumna, Kresta Wilson, M.S. CCC-SLP, CEO encountered many issues with availability, which inspired an initiative to open her own practice.

“Coming from a parent’s perspective, this situation was very stressful. I realized that there was a need for more outpatient clinical services in our community,” Wilson said, “so my husband and I decided to take the leap and open a practice the following year.”

Wilson Pediatric Therapy and Learning Center is an outpatient clinic that includes physical, occupational and speech therapy along with academic support services for children from birth to 21 years. As a learning center, the practice also offers evaluation of language processing, treatment of Dyslexia, and even academic tutoring.

“I know how hard it is to raise kids, all the while juggling life’s demands,” Wilson explains, “and I think seeing it from a parent’s perspective has helped me to become a better therapist and owner.”

Throughout her time as a UK student, Wilson did not expect to work with younger populations as she had primarily focused on treating older adults, but this quickly changed during one of her internships at a pediatric speech clinic.

“I never felt like a student during my time there,” she said, “the speech therapist made sure to make me feel like a part of their team, and that ensured me that I wanted to work in a similar environment and with children.”

For now, a majority of Wilson Pediatric Therapy’s services are being offered virtually due to COVID-19, but Wilson says she has immensely appreciated the student volunteers who have come in to clean and sanitize in between the few in-person sessions being held.

Prior to COVID-19 related clinic closures, Wilson offered CSD students a chance to earn clinical internship hours – an opportunity that she hopes to continue to offer in the future when the pandemic enters a decline. Until then, she and her team will be anxiously awaiting to open their doors to full in-person services again.