VIDEO: MLS Club Helps with First Teddy Bear Hospital

By Van Jones
LEX 18

The Medical Laboratory Science Club took part in the first Teddy Bear Hospital this past weekend.

“Teddy Bear Hospital Day,” hosted by The Kentucky Children’s Hospital last Saturday, helped children feel more comfortable with doctor visits and healthcare in general.

The event was designed to give kids an idea of what happens during visits and to relieve the anxiety that some may have about doctors' offices and medical procedures.

Different areas were set up to treat the stuffed bears and teach children more about the purposes of different departments, such as radiology, operating rooms, and labs.

Hospital staff helped them through the process to get their bears back to good health.

“It is so incredibly important to break the barrier that some people have, the fear that kids can get about healthcare and about their own health,” Dr. Nancy Little said. “Especially if they’ve had some illness in their family or they’ve seen some of their friends have some negative health care experiences.”

Twelve MLS students helped participate in the event, said Chad Guilliams, M.Ed, MLS (ASCP), CM and lecturer in Medical Laboratory Science.

"By giving back to the community, we were also able to interact and educate children and parents about medical laboratory science and lab testing," Guilliams said. 

See the video here.