The Way Podcast, Episode 6: Emotion and Fun with Dr. Kirby Mayer

When Dr. Kirby Mayer was young, he saw the way physical therapists helped his grandmother, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Now, after earning a PT degree himself, he’s won the Young Alumni Award in the College of Health Sciences, in part for his research to help those with long-road COVID recover and lead better lives. In fact, he’s dedicated his life to improving the lives of those recovering from ICU stays, and he praises his patients who are brave enough to volunteer and help with his trial studies.

Welcome to the sixth episode of The Way Podcast, the official podcast of the College of Health Sciences, where we highlight the amazing people that make our college special. Here at UK, the College of Health Sciences is your Gateway to the Health Professions.

Here, we get emotional — and we have a few laughs — with Dr. Mayer … only on The Way Podcast. Listen to the episode here