THE WAY PODCAST: Episode 7 — The Floods, One Year Later, with Dr. Fran Feltner

By Ryan Clark
CHS Communications Director

Down in Hazard, in the southeastern part of Kentucky, the scars still remain.

One year after torrential rain caused flooding that swept through 14 counties over five days, killing 45 people, the area is still recovering. Residents are still waiting for new homes. Survivors are still trying to overcome what they saw. And at the University of Kentucky’s Center of Excellence in Rural Health, a community is continuing to come together to heal — and to remember.

This month, on the anniversary of that terrible flooding, we talk to Dr. Fran Feltner, Director of the Center of Excellence in Rural Health. She describes how the area was able to persevere, and come back even stronger.  

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In this episode, you can listen to Dr. Feltner's story here. Let’s talk resilience … only on The Way Podcast.


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