The Way Podcast: Episode 9 — Making Life Matter

Iza Correll, PA-C, COC, a 2017 Physician Assistant Studies graduate and Somerset native, is a social entrepreneur and author whose goal is a world where no child is an orphan.

She founded OVI Healthcare just after her graduation to transform the health, happiness and security of children. She was deeply affected by the death of her 4-year-old nephew Ovidio (known as Ovi), an orphan in Guatemala who was in the process of being adopted by Correll’s sister, and this tragedy inspired Correll to start the charity in his name. Today, she and her team run the charity from the OVI Children’s Hospital in Kenya. 

Her vision then and now is a world where no child is alone. She says she knows what works and sees it working every day. The next step is introducing the approach across Africa and Asia to end the orphan crisis and prevent poverty. 

She is a dually licensed U.S. Physician Assistant and Kenyan Clinical Officer, the CHS 2022 Hall of Fame inductee, a bestselling author and the youngest-ever recipient of the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Award for Global Citizenship.

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