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Human Muscle Resources

In 2011, the CMB received IRB approval to collect human vastus lateralis muscle samples from healthy volunteers. In addition to providing 200-300 mg of muscle tissue, volunteers undergo body composition evaluation, a fasting blood draw, strength testing, and complete various surveys on activity level and quality of life, coordinated between the Human Performance Lab and Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences. To date, over 100 samples from both males and females ranging in age from 18-82 years old have been acquired. If interested in obtaining frozen muscle tissue, RNA or primary myoblasts, please contact us

Human Vastus Lateralis RNA

RNA has been isolated from muscle of a subset of healthy volunteers. Total RNA was extracted using QIAGEN QIAzol Lysis reagent (Cat No. 79306) followed by column-based washing with the QIAGEN miRNeasy Mini Kit (Cat No. 217004). RNA quality was assessed using the Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer. 

Human Primary Myoblasts

Cells were isolated using collagenase/dispase digest followed by magnetic bead sorting for CD56+ cells.  Please see Varma et al. for detailed methods of human primary myoblast isolation1

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