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Kevin Murach, The Genetic and Epigenetic Regulation of Skeletal Muscle Ribosome Biogenesis In Response to Acute Exercise


Cory Dungan, Senescent cells accumulate in skeletal muscle of aged mice following mechanical overload


Courtesy of UK Research Communications: REVEAL productions

Zachary Johnson, Research Assistant in the Human Performance Lab, Featured on Lab TV (May 2016)


Dr. Dupont-Versteegden Featured in "People Behind Our Research" (April 2016)


UK, UAB Partner on Clinical Trial of Metformin's Muscle Effect (Oct 2015)


New Human Performance Lab Enhances Research (Dec 2014)


Dr. Brian Noehren Studies Muscle Injuries, Shares Findings with Community (May 2014)


UK SEC Scholar-Athlete Looks for Answers to Unanswered Questions (Feb 2014)


Investigating the Effects of Massage on Muscle at UK (May 2012)


Center for Muscle Biology at the University of Kentucky (Dec 2012)


Exploring the Link between Muscle Weakness, Obesity and Diabetes (October 2011)