Clinical Healthcare Management Certificate Curriculum

Required courses

HHS 241:   Health & Medical Care Delivery Systems (3)

CLM 325:  Introduction to Healthcare Management (3) OR MGT 301 Management Principles (3) [Please note: MGT 301 is available for students who are majors in the Gatton College of Business and Economics]

CLM 345:  Quality, Productivity Improvement, and Evaluation (3) - If you are an HHS student, please see your advisor for a suitable substitution for this course since quality is already a required class for your major.

Minimum of one elective course from the list below or others by approval of certificate director

CLM 323:   Social Determinants of Health (3)

CLM 335:   Health Information Management (3)

CLM 342:   Leadership:  Interpersonal Focus in Healthcare (3)

RTM 345:   Service Management

CLM 350:   Health Policy, Politics, and Law (3)

CLM 353:   Ethics in Health Practice (3)

CLM 455:   Financial Management of Healthcare Institutions (4)

CLM 443:   Leadership: Strategic Planning in Healthcare (3)

CLM 444:   Leadership: Human Resources in Healthcare (3)

CLM 452:   Community & Institutional Planning (3)

CLM 453:   Cultural Competence in Healthcare (3)

COM 571:   Interpersonal Communication in Health Contexts (3) 

HHS 405:   Social and Cultural Evolution of Disease (3)

ICT 326:    Electronic Information Resources for Health Professionals (3)

NUR 372:   Current Healthcare Topics in the US (3)