You do not! We have students who are both seeking another degree at UK and those who are only pursuing the certificate at this time as a “non-degree seeking student.”

If you are enrolled in another program at UK, you just need to fill out the application on our website. If you are not currently enrolled at UK, you need to go through the undergraduate admissions process to add the certificate here.

If you are a healthcare professional looking to boost your management potential, this certificate can provide you with the skills and a credential to compete for the next step in your career ladder. If you do not yet have healthcare experience, the certificate can provide initial exposure to ideas, language, and skills necessary in entry-level healthcare jobs and demonstrate interest in healthcare. The coursework can also prepare you for further study in healthcare.

The cost of the certificate varies depending on whether you are taking courses online or in-person and whether you are currently enrolled in additional courses at UK. We encourage you to talk with the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships. If you are a UK employee, you are also eligible to apply your Employee Education Program credits to this certificate. Learn more about the Employee Education Program.

If you are considering the Clinical Leadership & Management program, up to 9 hours of the certificate courses can be applied to your major. To discuss how your credits would best apply, contact CHS-Advising@uky.edu or visit the virtual drop-in advising hour.

Contact CHS-Advising@uky.edu for assistance with your course registration. You will sign up for your certificate classes during “secondary registration”, and you’ll need to complete the override request form at for each of the classes you would like to take to be able to add after primary registration if open seats are available.