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Graduate Program Admissions

This information has been updated as of 9/22/2020.

Admission Criteria

Prospective graduate students need to recognize that admission to our graduate program is very selective. We accept a limited number of students each year. While the minimum admission requirement is a 3.0 GPA out of a possible 4.0, the average GPA of students selected for our program is 3.8. Currently, there is no GRE requirement. Our admission decisions are based on a composite of information about the applicant, not merely one factor. The composite includes but is not limited to: grades, personal achievements/involvement during school or since graduation, service activities, potential to contribute to the cultural diversity of our program, leadership, motivation, time management skills, and letters of recommendation. Our application through CSDCAS will require responses to two written and two video prompts.  

Application Process

Applications can be completed and submitted through the CSDCAS portal. Please use the links below to access the CSDCAS application and frequently asked questions. 

The CSDCAS portal will be open by October 15th.

(Please note: Application materials received after the posted deadline will not be considered in admission review.)


If offered admittance, students will be required to respond to the CSD Department with a signed acceptance letter and submit an additional application to The Graduate School through Apply Yourself at a cost of $125.00.

To hold your position, a CSD Tuition Deposit is required.

Program Visit Information

If you are interested in joining a virtual meeting with our Department Chair and tour of our facilities for our graduate program, please email to sign up. For your convenience, we offer two virtual tours dates: Friday, October 16th and Friday, November 13th at 2:00pm.