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Becky Unites, PhD's picture
Becky Unites, PhD Director of Assessment
Douglas Van Pelt's picture
Douglas Van Pelt Post-doctoral scholar
Cheryl Vanderford, MPAS, PA-C's picture
Cheryl Vanderford, MPAS, PA-C Assistant Professor
Grace Walton, PhD's picture
Grace Walton, PhD Assistant Professor
Dr. Jami Warren's picture
Dr. Jami Warren Director of Undergraduate Studies, HHS, Assistant Professor
Richie Wells, ATC's picture
Richie Wells, ATC Graduate Fellow
Yuan Wen, PhD-MD's picture
Yuan Wen, PhD-MD Postdoctoral Scholar
Kimberly West's picture
Kimberly West Patient Relations Assistant
Brandi M. White, PhD, MPH's picture
Brandi M. White, PhD, MPH Assistant Professor
Tammy Wigginton, MS, CCC-SLP, BRS-S's picture
Tammy Wigginton, MS, CCC-SLP, BRS-S Speech-Language Pathologist, UK Voice and Swallow Clinic
Lisa Williams, MSSA, ACC's picture
Lisa Williams, MSSA, ACC Adjunct Assistant Professor
Zachary Williams, LAT, ATC's picture
Zachary Williams, LAT, ATC Graduate Fellow
Alex Winter, MS, LAT, ATC's picture
Alex Winter, MS, LAT, ATC Graduate Fellow
Joshua Winters, PhD, CSCS's picture
Joshua Winters, PhD, CSCS Assistant Professor
Marc Wolfe's picture
Marc Wolfe Database Management Specialist