Interprofessional Healthcare Residential College

Incoming CHS Students: Live & Learn @ UK!

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Admission to the UK IHRC LLP is highly competitive! Learn more & apply here.


The Interprofessional Healthcare Residential College (IHRC) is a high-impact, living-learning program designed for highly-motivated students who have a passion for interprofessional healthcare. At its root, interprofessional healthcare requires individuals to work collaboratively in diverse team settings and serve a wide array of peoples and populations.  This requires teamwork and a passion for serving others.  It also requires a cross-functional understanding of healthcare fields and professions.  To this end, the IHRC is dedicated to helping students learn more about a variety of healthcare majors and professions through team-based learning opportunities that involve connected coursework as well as an assortment of co-curricular opportunities, including professionalism, leadership, and community-service activities.  

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Who may apply?

The IHRC is interdisciplinary in nature and open to any major on campus. The application process is open to all incoming freshmen and any returning IHRC students who have participated in the program previously. Returning IHRC students are particularly encouraged to apply as peer mentors by January 16. To read more about this great leadership opportunity and apply, please read here

The IHRC is an active collaboration among the following nine UK colleges:

College of DentistryCollege of Medicine, College of Health Sciences, College of Nursing, College of Pharmacy, College of Public Health, College of Social Work, College of Agriculture, Food, and Environment (Department of Dietetics and Human Nutrition), and College of Communication and Information.

Why apply?

  • Belong: Be engaged in a community of peers with common health care interests
  • Succeed: Increase your chances of greater academic success
  • Lead: Utilize and enhance leadership and critical thinking skills

How do I apply?

The Living Learning Program application is a part of your UK Housing application. The application opens September 1 and closes May 1. We encourage you to apply early and emphasize your passion for being part of a community of healthcare scholars in your essay. Spaces fill quickly, so apply today. Don’t miss your chance to be included! Click here to visit the UK Living Learning Program website.