Important Resources

Outlined below is a list of documents that you will find helpful in assisting you with your studies.  These documents can also be found on the CD provided to all students during their orientation to the program.

Degree and/or Dissertation Forms/Information: 

Forms for Students:

Research Opportunities Using Undergraduate Students

CHS Undergraduate Research Program (UGR) is an excellent resource for you to find and recruit motivated and energetic undergraduates who are ready, willing, and able to get involved in your research work. The demand for research experiences by our Health Sciences undergraduates continues to outstrip our supply, so I really need your help to develop more opportunities for our students! I want to encourage post-docs, and doctoral students to avail themselves of our program just as the faculty do! Having motivated student research aides in the starting phases of developing a research line can be amazingly helpful. 

If you have the bandwidth to mentor undergraduate research students, please go to the CHS Undergraduate Research website to submit a research opportunity.  Included in this site are the exact instructions needed to submit a CHS undergraduate research opportunity. Print this handout and keep it on your desk or on your bulletin board, surrounded by pictures of your loved ones, or favorite pets….so you are constantly reminded about the wonderful benefits of our undergraduate research program!

Miscellaneous Forms: