Successful Summer Bridge 2022

In July, the PATHfinders hosted the first four-day in-person Summer Bridge program! The program allowed first-year students to meet their peers, upper-class students, faculty and staff in the College of Health Sciences, explore various healthcare professions and gain financial and academic support. 

The Summer Bridge program is a program for first-year students designed to enhance both their personal and academic wellbeing. Its goal is to increase inclusivity and promote diversity within the College of Health Sciences at the University of Kentucky.

"I went to the PATHfinders Summer Bridge program feeling very anxious about college," said Maggie Matthews, a freshman majoring in Human Health Sciences on the Pre-Med track. "I felt like I was walking into something very important without any preparation. It was during these few days I got to know many people that I still see in my classes today. I got to know my roommate more and I was able to see how living in a dorm would be like. The peer mentors were so supportive and enthusiastic about helping us learn more about college. There were also information sessions that I appreciated because I felt like I was being prepared to succeed. I still see these peer mentors around college and love to stop and say hello! I would recommend going just to see what campus is like because finding your way around the large campus can feel daunting at first. I came out of the program feeling excited about college and couldn’t wait for it to start!"

Shelby Thompson, a freshman majoring in Human Health Sciences on the Pre-OT track, agreed.

"The summer bridge program helped me understand more about college life before I attended UK," she said. "It gave me an opportunity to learn more about campus life while making new friends that I still have contact with. I really enjoyed the summer bridge program because it gave me a really good head start in understanding campus life."

Priority application due date for the Summer Bridge Program is Friday, June 2, 2023.