Accounting and Financial Reporting Services

In Accounting and Financial Reporting Services, we strive to provide excellent customer service to our campus community in the areas of Accounting and Financial Reporting, Benefits Accounting, Capital Asset Accounting and Endowment and Gift Accounting.  Please click on a specific area below to learn more about what we do.


Accounting and Financial Reporting

Benefits Accounting

Capital Assets Accounting

Endowment and Gift Accounting


Accounting & Financial Reporting    
Libby Carlin Accounting & Financial Reporting Director (859) 257-2956
Annetta Carter Cash & Financial Reporting Manager (859) 257-6245
Jessica Bruot Financial Reporting Manager (859) 257-6243
Lora Dials Accounting Director Senior (859) 257-6604
AJ Hoover Master Data Specialist (859) 257-2949
Jennifer Haffly Bank Reconciliation Associate (859) 257-8638
Mike Folczyk Cash Accountant (859) 257-6244
KC Norm Financial Reporting Accountant (859) 257-8889
Benefits Accounting    
Laura Lenviel Benefits Accounting Manager Principal (859) 257-5856
Ninda Shirley Benefits Accounting Manager Senior
Averie Pritchard Benefits Student Health Plan Accountant (859) 257-6022
Amy Dean Benefits Accounting Coordinator (859) 257-3582
Heather Long Benefits Claims & Vision Reconciliation Associate (859) 257-6632
Lynn Lowry Benefits Life & Health Reconciliation Associate (859) 257-6682
Capital Assets Accounting    
Bill Coleman Capital Assets Accounting Manager (859) 257-1111
HaoXin Zhang Lease/SBITA Manager (859) 257-3355
Daren Bowyer Capital Assets Analyst (859) 257-6260
Steve Strunk Capital Equipment & Vehicle Inventory Coordinator (859) 257-5046
Andrew Faulkner Space/Facilities Inventory Coordinator (859) 218-5677
Curt Barnhart Capital Projects Accountant (859) 257-6242
Endowment and Gift Accounting    
Karen Boyd Endowment and Gift Accounting Director (859) 323-7202
Andrew Gehring Endowment and Gifts Accounting Manager (859) 323-5638
Astri Karniani Endowment and Gift Accountant Principal (859) 257-7394
Scott Reynolds Accounting Specialist (859) 257-6290