Treasury Services

Location: 356 Peterson Service Building 0005

Phone: (859) 257-1983

Fax: (859) 323-9911

In Treasury Services, we are responsible for providing treasury related services for the University and many of its related corporations. We are here to assist with cash and check depository needs; coordinating electronic transfers of funds; establishing imprest accounts; providing solutions for accepting credit card payments, both in person and online; as well as ordering deposit tickets and other banking supplies. In addition to these services, we are also responsible for managing the daily cash flow and investments in accordance with the policies established by the University.

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Quick Reference Guides


Operating Fund Investment Policy

Prohibited International Payments



Kevin Sisler Director of Treasury Services (859) 257-7356
Marcie York Cash Manager (859) 323-1585
Karen Lawson Treasury Services Manager (859) 257-3969
Rashmin Manandhar Accounting Coordinator (859) 257-6464
Beth Lawson Operations Coordinator (859) 257-3453
Robert Hansel Merchant Card Services Manager (859) 257-3438


Imprest Account Request Form

Imprest Account Request for Bank Account Form

Imprest Account Request for Extension Form

Imprest Account Request to Change Custodianship Form

Imprest Account Reconciliation Form

Imprest Account/Travel Advance Budget Form

Transmittal Forms (Online) Cash, Check, ACH, WIRE, OOT (Out of Town)

  • Online transmittals are created using cash transmittal module in SAP. For information on how to be authorized to use the module see: Online Transmittal System

Transmittal Forms (Manual)

  • To be used only when online transmittal does not allow specific GL's and cost objects. For more information, contact Treasury Services at (859) 257-1983
  • Cash, Check, ACH, WIRE.

Disbursement Request Form & Instructions

Reduction/Reimbursement Deposits form

Foreign Check Deposit Ticket

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Quick Reference Guides

Online Transmittal System

SmartAHD Deposit Kiosk - Quick Reference Card

SmartAHD Deposit Kiosk - Instruction Manual

SmartAHD Deposit Kiosk - Video: Sign Up for Access to the SmartAHD System (2:00 minutes)

SmartAHD Deposit Kiosk - Video: Pre-Staging and Making a Deposit (5:30 minutes)

Form 8300 Helpful Hints

Form 8300 Sample Letter to Payer

Essentials for PRD Entry for Imprest Account Requests

Operating Fund Investment Policy

Operating Fund Investment Policy

Prohibited International Payments

Prohibited International Payments

OFAC Compliance list