Procard Expense Policy

Procurement Card Receipts

Receipts are required for all non-travel procurement card purchases regardless of amount.  If you have used the Concur Mobile app to capture receipts, those receipts will already be stored in the Receipt Store and Available Expenses section of Concur and will be available to add to a new or previously opened expense report.  Receipts can also be e-mailed to, prior to doing that, verify that your e-mail address in Concur is correct.  Receipts e-mailed to Concur will be available for use in the Receipt Store.  Receipts can also be manually uploaded to Concur when you are creating your expense report.

Expense Itemizations

Receipts can be itemized between multiple expense types in Concur. After entering the primary expense type for the procurement card charge on the expense type form, choose the Itemizations tab and enter as many different expense types as are needed for the receipt, ensuring that the total of the itemized expenses matches the total of the receipt. 

Expense Allocations

The cost object that is on the report header will be used for the entire report unless you use Allocations to assign expenses to a different cost object.  After necessary itemizations have been entered, allocations can be added on the individual expense type form or from the Manage Expenses screen in Concur.

Business Meals

The procurement card can be used for business meals.  All business meal expenses will require an itemized receipt and a list of attendees to be added to the Business Meals expense type form.

Personal Expenses on Procurement Card

Personal expenses on the procurement card are considered an unallowable/unauthorized expense. If the cardholder uses their procurement card for a personal expense they will need to choose "Personal Cardholder Expense" as the expense type.  The amount of the personal expense will be deducted from their paycheck.