Debt & Liquidity Management

Location: 301 Peterson Service Building 0005

Phone: (859) 323-8582

Fax: (859) 257-4805

The Debt and Liquidity Department oversees the University’s internal/external debt portfolios, including coordinating the issuance of new debt either to provide additional capital construction funds or to refund existing debt, post-issuance compliance requirements on existing debt and the internal loan program. The Capital Assets Accounting area is responsible for the receipt, disbursement and accounting for the borrowed funds. Debt and Liquidity also oversees the University’s operating fund investment program, including monitoring and forecasting cash balances, performing due diligence of external fund managers/strategies and monitoring cash flows to provide sufficient liquidity for operations.



Financial Services Administration    
Sarah Simpson Debt and Liquidity Senior Director (859) 257-5830
Matt Massarone Debt & Liquidity Analyst (859) 323-8582
Capital Assets Accounting    
Bill Coleman Capital Assets Accounting Manager (859) 257-1111
Curtis Barnhart Capital Projects Accountant (859) 257-6242


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