Quick Reference Guides

On this page you can find Quick Reference Guides from all the UFS Departments.

Accounting and Financial Reportings Services

Z4 Payroll Document

Z4 Payroll Upload Process

JV upload example Excel file

JV Tips and Hints

Sales Tax Questionnaire

UBIT Questionnaire

Accounts Payable Services

PRD Payment Information Lookup

PRD Display Tab

PRD Documentation in ECM (Enhanced Content Management))


Purchase Orders:
Purchase Order Check Number Lookup

PO Documentation in ECM (Enterprise Content Management)

Purchasing/AP Quick Reference Guide


Payroll Services


Employee Self Service Quick Reference Cards

Business Officer Quick Reference Cards

Spinifex Reports


Research Financial Services

Reduction of Expenditures

Cost Transfer Policy (PDF)

Journal Voucher (JV) Explanation Form (DOC)

JV Tips and Hints (PDF)

JV Decision Tree (XLSX)

Research Financial Services Year End Reminders (PDF)

Service Centers and Recharge Operations Policy

Service Center & Recharge Operations Contact List FY17

Service Center Recharge Operation Rate Request Summary Template

Service Center Instructions

UK Revenue questionnaire template


Travel Services

How to Set Yourself Up As a Proxy

How to Process a Day Trip

How to Process an Overnight Trip

How to Approve a Travel Document

Military Time Conversion

TRIP Copy to Another Employee

TRIP Copy to New Dates for Same Employee

TRIP Cost Assignment

TRIP Country-Region Search

TRIP Documentation in ECM-Enterprise Content Management

TRIP Documentation in SAP-FB03

TRIP Region Settings

TRIP UWL Substitution Rule

TRIP Workflow Tracking


Treasury Services

Online Transmittal System

Deposit Kiosk Instruction

Deposit Kiosk Training

Deposit Kiosk Instruction Guide

Form 8300 Helpful Hints

Form 8300 Sample Letter to Payer

Essentials for PRD Entry for Imprest Account Requests

Merchant Card Services

Chargeback Manager Quick Reference Card

Instructions for setting up Worldpay online access